With the help of L.R. Harrell, State 4-H Leader, construction began in 1938 by the Federal Works Progress Administration. By 1939, Millstone 4-H Camp was officially open and surviving their first group of 4-H youth. The site included a core dam with concrete spillway impounding an 18-acre lake, water system with deep well and water tower, 12 cabins, dining hall, craft shelter, caretakers house, staff house, 2 washrooms, cooks' cabin, and a staff house.

After several successful years serving the 4-H youth, Millstone added a few new structures to the site: Recreational Hall (1952), 2 additional cabins (1952), farm shop (1955), and pool (1979). In 2005 a High Ropes Course was added with help from Richmond County's Cole Foundation.  In 2009, with funding provided by the North Carolina General Assembly, all 14 cabins were completely upgraded with heating/cooling systems, bathrooms, and a new sewer system. By 2010, the kitchen was completely remodeled with heating and air conditioning, 2 convection ovens, 10 gas burners, a tilt skillet, a food warmer, an ice machine, and a walk-in refrigerator and freezer.

Our History